Worm Gear Reducer NEMA 23 Ratio 60:1 - NMRV030

Worm Gear Reducer NEMA 23 Ratio 60:1 - NMRV030
Worm Gear Reducer NEMA 23 Ratio 60:1 - NMRV030   - NMRV040 CNC Milling Lathe
he advantage of Gear Reducer is to increases the torque (power) on the output shaft by revving up the speed on the input shaft (Motor Shaft).
This is a worm gear mechanism which means that it can be only turned either CW or CCW only on the input shaft, controlled by your microcontroller.
This provided an excellent locking mechanism feature.

This feature is useful for machines such as conveyor systems, in which the locking feature can act as a brake for the conveyor when the motor is not turning. 
Another example is Worm gear used on cars and trucks to exchange speed for torque.





Worm-Gear Reducer

Speed Ratio Range

Various as per selection

Input Bore Size

Default 11mm Keyway or 8mm D-Cut Sleeve (sold separately)

Input Flange Model

NEMA23 (Default=NEMA23)

Output Bore Size

14mm - Key-Slotted


Matched with Servo/Stepper Motor

Goods Color



Australia Imported

An additional 8mm D-Cut input sleeve can be added if your motor shaft is 8mm (sold separately)

Note: The output can be a shaft or hollow depending on how you want it.
Please choose the correct ratio you need when ordering.
the gear has been pre-assembled ready for your order.

This Package included the following:
1x Worm Gear Reducer NEMA 23 Ratio 60:1 - NMRV030

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