Rigid Motor Shaft Coupling D32 L40

New Rigid Motor Shaft Coupling D32 L40

Rigid Motor Shaft Coupling D32 L40 .


High Precision Rigid Aluminium Alloy Shaft Coupling. Specifications: Structure: Gear Material: Aluminium Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Flexible or Rigid: Rigid Condition: 100% New Application: Mining, Machinery, Conveyors, Speed Transmissions USED: 3D Engraving Machine TYPE: Aluminium Flexible Shaft Coupler Material: Hard Aluminium Alloy

Applicable Industries

Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops



Flexible or Rigid


Standard or Nonstandard



Hard aluminium alloy, Hard aluminium alloy

Product name

Rigid Coupling








Shaft Connections


1.A kind of torsional rigid coupling

2. No turning clearance even when it bears load.

3.Even when there is deviation to produce load, the rigid coupling still transmits torque rigidly.

4. Low Inertia, high sensitivity

5. High Rigid Torque

6. Zero Rotary Clearance

7. High Oil Resistance, high chemical resistance

8. No need of Maintenance, low cost

Note: Please understand that due to many variations on the internal sizes, it is hard to keep track of the stock availability. 
We will try to do our best to keep our eyes on the stock level.

Let us know if we left out any crucial sizes for the coupling, we will try to get it manufactured in future. 

This Package included the following:
1x Rigid Motor Shaft Coupling D32 L40

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