MOD 1.0 - 997mm Rack System Carbon Steel - Blackened

MOD 1.0 - 997mm Rack System Carbon Steel - Blackened

MOD 1.0 - 997mm Rack System Carbon Steel - Blackened

The material is C45 similar to CK1045, K1045, etc -  It is a heat treatment material suitable for tooling applications, etc. 
The pinions are sold separately.

  • A possible future improvement is to get it manufactured at 3010mm so that it can be cut at closer to 1000mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm in length (cutting blade is 3mm)
  • (2022) Changed holes location to the side of the rack instead of the bottom with countersunk
  • (2020)The rack is blackened to add resistance to rust.
  • (2020 )Various thread hole intervals were added.

Rack Range:
MODULUS 1.0 (15mm X 15mm) - 1000mm
MODULUS 1.0 (15mm X 15mm) - 1500mm
MODULUS 1.0 (15mm X 15mm) - 2000mm
MODULUS 1.0 (15mm X 15mm) - 3000mm
This rail suit the Mod 1.0 Pinions that we have listed.

Note: The 997mm,1497mm, and 1997mm racks are not standard stock therefore, they will be cut using a cold saw/drop saw and it will be spray painted matt black where it is cut.
Please allow a cutting tolerance of -/+1.5mm (since we're only human- sore eyes, etc..)

We also have Helical Rack and Pinion system available which is better than this standard Rack and Pinion.
Please check them out if you are interested.

This Package included the following:
1x MOD 1.0 - 997mm Rack System Carbon Steel - Blackened

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