TBR25 - 1500MM Linear Guide Rail

TBR25 - 1500MM Linear Guide Rail

TBR12 - 1000mm Linear Guide Rail

Suit SBRUU and SBRLUU bearing mounts that we have listed

SBR linear guide system is an alternative to HG and THK rails because is more affordable and still have reasonable precision.
It can handle high load applications and still maintaining accuracy.
We have studied, researched and looked far and wide at multiple options and then we discovered this system.
It was the perfect choice for my application where high precision movement is required for the sake of accuracy, for making large timber cuts with an electric chain saw, CNC Routering, maneuvering robot base, using it as an overhead Hoist etc. 
It solved many problems with the utmost satisfaction. As for load-bearing capacity with four carriage blocks, the weight distribution is excellent for guiding the chainsaw and bar for making plunge cuts. With a secondary horizontal linear rail system, it guides the horizontal cut making for a superb cut.
Highly recommended, the quality that was put into this system. The quality of the carriage blocks is what you would expect.

~High-quality rails distribute from the only selected manufacturer.
~We don't just pick and choose the cheapest one etc.
~Experience is something that money cannot buy. 
~These manufacturers have been with us from day one and they have been around for years

Please note our common pre-manufactured stock lengths are 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and 3000mm.
Custom cut to sizes is also available upon request.
The rail will be cut using a standard drop saw (3mm Grinder Cutting Blade). 
This will results in minor burn mark at the cutting point due to heat and may require an additional day or two for it to be processed. 
Also, there may be some minor scratches/mark occur in handling.
Tolerance is +/-2mm in length

Please note that Bearing mount is NOT included in this sale, sold separately
We can arrange delivery to almost any location around Australia up to 3000mm long.

This Package included the following:
1x SBR12 - 1000mm Linear Guide Rail  

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