1 Axis CNC Servo Stepper Motor Programmable Motion Controller

1 Axis CNC Servo Stepper Motor Programmable Motion Controller
1 Axis CNC Servo Stepper Motor Programmable Motion Controller

Item Description
This controller has the following advantages: 
1.24VDC power supply, 
2.Has a unique anti-jamming dedicated circuit, 
3.Darlington has a high power output, 
4.Greatly enhanced stability, 
5.Appearance beautiful and atmosphere, 
6.Panel size: 95mm * 95mm * 75mm 

Item Specification
• Number of controlled axis: Single axis; can achieve a variety of complex operation: positioning control and non-positioning control; 
• The maximum output frequency: 40KHZ; 
• Output frequency resolution: 1Hz; 
• Programmable maximum number of rows: 99; 
• Signal input: 6 (optical isolation); 
• Signal output: 3 (optical isolation); 
• A continuous displacement range: -7,999,999 ~ 7,999,999; 
• Operating state: Auto-run mode, manual operation, the program edit mode, parameter setting status; 
• Lifting speed curve: 2 (optimization); 
•Display digits: 8 digital display, manual / automatic status display, run / stop status display, the number of steps / counts / procedures display, edit the program, parameter display, input / output status display, pulse and direction display ; 
• Auto-run feature: You can edit, you can control the start and stop operation ect. automatically through the panel buttons and adding switches that connected to the back of the terminals; 
• Manual operation functions: position adjustment (manual jog speed and jog the number of steps can be set); 
• Parameter setting function: Starting frequency, acceleration and deceleration curve, reverse clearance, manually run length, manual speed, back to zero speed and interrupt jump the line all can be set; 
• Program editing functions: You can insert, delete, modify the program. The controller can identify the error Instruction; 
• Return to Zero features: It can return to zero from the positive and negative directions automatically 
•The number of programming instructions: 14; 
•External operating functions: interrupt operation through parameter setting and add switches that connected to the terminals A and B; 
• Power supply:24VDC; 
Front panel introduce 
1. 8 digital led Segment displays;                             
2. 6 input status indicator; 
3. 3 output status indicator;                           
4. CP pulse signal indicator;                                   
5. CW direction signal indicator; 
6. Keys: Total 10 keys, and most of the composite keys, 
they represent different functions in different states(In the eglish manual will have detail instructions) 

Package Includes  
1pcs x ST-PMC1 programmableSingle axis controller 
1CD(with English manual) 

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