SHF10 - 10mm Shaft Support Mount (2pcs)

SHF10 - 10mm Shaft Support Mount (2pcs)


End Mount Supprts For Shaft Guide System

Features include:

  • Precision machined using high tech CNC machine.
  • Silver brushed aluminum finish
  • Hex type bolt for clamping the shaft
  • Threaded mounting holes
  • Perfect for your DIY CNC routers, mills, lathes  or 3D Printer 
  • Fully supported rails suitable for axis such as X, Y or Z axis.
  • This product should be purchase in pair, 1 for each end.

Multiple sizes available for you your selection.
Please see our other listings for the matching rails.

High quality bearing distribute from only selected manufacturer.
We dont not just pick and choose the cheapest one etc.
Experience is something that money cannot buy. 
These manufactures have been with us from day one and they have been around for years.
When it come to building machines, whether for hobby or industrial uses, 
the Things that we keep in mind is durablililty, consistency, simplicity and the strives for improvement. 

This Package included the following:

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