3 Axis Digital Readout - FULL SET

Out of Stock 3 Axis Digital Readout - FULL SET

2 Axis Digital ReadOut DRO KIT - Complete Set 

We have been purchasing these DRO kits for CNC making company for years.
We are currently designing/upgrading and building a few different types of NC of our own so we decided to supply a few extra to sell in Australia. This particular branded DRO were widely used in USA.
Buy from an experienced mechatronic engineer like us and you will get the most out of this product. 
We can guide your thru the process of instalation (simple) or let you whether this product if is the suitable for your machine or not.   

This is high quality DRO recommended for industrial used. 
For domestic used I have listed other DROs readout for thought who are interested.
The DRO and Scales are both OEM Ditron Maufactured guanrantee.

This auction includes 2 precision glass linear scales to fit series. You can choose 2 qty from any of the following linear:
sizes: 200mm, 300mm, 500mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm.
These are the travel lenght. The overall lenght is about 141mm added.

1. One (1) readout display for 2 axis (Mill, Lathe, Grinder and EDM)
2. Two (2) digital linear scales - Any of your choose above
3. One suspension arm is included with the display
4. Two(2) sets of scale mounting hardware (L shaped cover, bracket, screws, etc) 
5. One user manual in English.

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