Magnetic Head Reader for Digital Readout (DRO)

Magnetic Head Reader for Digital Readout (DRO)
1x Magnetic Head Reader for Digital Readout (DRO)- ***Brand New*** 

  • 5-micron resolution.
  • 3 Metre long cable with steel casing.
  • Compatible with Ditron Model only. 
  • Some other model may work depending on how they programmed their digital encoder inside their microprocessor. 
  • Even if it does work the digital conversion value could be translated wrongly, for this reasons I do not recommended.

Red light indicates that is it not reading the signal, Green light means that it is reading "OK".
The position of the header and the magnetic strip should not be less than 2mm.

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This package includes:
1x Only Magnetic Head Reader for Digital Readout (DRO)

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