MOD 1.5 40T Pinion System

MOD 1.5 40T Pinion System

1x MOD 1.5 40T Pinion System for CNC Machine

CK45 Material with heat treatment. 

Pinions for the rack that we have listed.

Pinion Range:
MODULUS 1.0 - 20T
MODULUS 1.0 - 30T
MODULUS 1.0 - 40T
This will suit the Mod 1.0 rack that we listed.

Pinion Range:
MODULUS 1.5 - 20T
MODULUS 1.5 - 30T
MODULUS 1.5 - 40T
This will suit the Mod 1.5 rack that we listed.

NCMaster comments - if you need to make the hole bigger then it is recommended to put it on the lathe and drill it.
Measurement is only approximate by our hand using vernier calliper. We will upload the machining spec/tolerance later. 

This sale included the followings:
1x Pinion as per your selection

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