Helical Pinion Mod 1.0 T40 with 2xM4 x Ø10.1

Helical Pinion Mod 1.0 T40 with 2xM4 x Ø10.1

Helical Pinion Mod 1.0 T40 with 2xM4 x Ø10.1

Material: C45
Teeth Heat Treatment: Induction
The heat Induction process provides more consistent thermal treatment on the teeth as appose to the oxy treatment process that were previously manufactured on our spur gears Rack and Pinion system.

What is helical gear?

Gears are a key component of motor and machinery actuators; they increase the output torque and control the direction of rotation or the speed.

Helical gears operate more smoothly and silently when compared to spur gears. This difference is due to the oblique manner in which their teeth interact in relation to the rotational axis. This axis may be parallel, or generally crossed at 90°. In case it is crossed, helical gears are applied together with a worm gear, even though on these cases, two bevel gears may alternatively be used.

When two of the teeth move, contact is gradual, beginning at one end of the tooth, and staying in contact with the gear, which rotates until full contact is achieved. The typical helix angle ranges from about 15 to 30 degrees. On the other hand, the thrust load varies in direct proportion to the magnitude of the tangent of the helix angle.

Advantages Of Helical Vs Spur Gears

  • The angled teeth work more gradually, allowing for smoother and more silent gear operation when compared to spur gears or toothed wheels.
  • Helical gears last longer and are ideal for high-load applications since they have a higher amount of teeth in contact.
  • The load is at all times distributed among several axes, which produces less wear.
  • They can transfer motion and power both among parallel and straight-angle axes

This Package included the following:
1x Helical Pinion Mod 1.0 T40 with 2xM4 x Ø10.1

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