Helical Mod 1.5 - 990mm Rack System

New Helical Mod 1.5 - 990mm Rack System

Helical Mod 1.5 - 990mm Rack System

The material is CK45. 

The rack has  M6 holes located at the bottom at the various interval.

Due to the high demand and to keep the price competitive we have got it manufactured at quite a huge quantity.

So far we only have the MOD 1.0 and 1.5 at the moment but we are planning to get MOD 2 and 2.5 in soon, we still estimating the cost and requirement etc.

Please note the 990mm, 1490mm and 1510mm will be cut using a drop saw (Grinder Cutting Blade). 
This will result in a minor burn mark at the cutting point due to heat. 
Also, there may be some minor scratches/mark occur in handling etc.
Tolerance is +/-3mm in length

This Package included the following:
1x Helical Mod 1.5 - 990mm Rack System

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