Digital Readout Glass Scale - 350mm

Digital Readout Glass Scale - 350mm

Digital Readout Glass Scale - 350mm

To Suit our Digital Read-Out (European and US Standard)



The plastic seals of the transducer use an innovative material to offer superior oil resistance, high elastic recovery properties and durability, carefully designed lip geometry offer low slide resistance. This enables longer lifespan.

All glass grating transducers are individually inspected and calibrated by our in-house laser calibrator to ensure accuracy complies 100% with the specifications.

The slide carrier of the GS series scales, use a five bearing design for optical grating linear transducer which has been proven as the most reliable system design in today's market.
The glass grating slide-ways are lapped, and JIS standard P5 grade bearings are used to achieve smooth and accurate movement and long working life.

DC series Linear glass scales are used on all kinds of machines with Ditron D60 digital readout  together, which can help processing in the machines by locating the positions. The scales may also be fitted to co-ordinate measurement or other measurement equipment used for high accuracy inspection & measurement.

Our scales has the below specialities: 

1. Quick speed of movement, above 60m per minute 

2. Bearings are adopted for the sliding part to provide easy movement and excellent repeated positioning function 

3. Multi-layer isolating wire mesh and metal soft shell protection is adopted for signal cable to provide excellent water-proof and anti-interruption performance 

4. Aluminum alloy material with anodic disposal is adopted for scale body and scale head is cast with hard chrome-plating alloy of wearing resistance 

5. Special rubber is adopted for dust proof cover, which is of good scraping and corrosion resistance and small friction 

6. Individualized components makes it very easy to install, maintain and repair the linear Encoder, and it is of Anti-water dust-proof and long life 

7 .Glass precision measuring grating is adopted for the Linear Encoder as measuring benchmark to ensure high precision 

8. Single light source illumination is adopted for good integration.

This Package included the following:
1x Digital Readout Glass Scale - 350mm

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