About Us

NCMaster Industries

Welcome to NCMaster Industries, where you will find a vast range of essential and innovative mechanical and controller parts, ranging from high precision linear guides and bearings, structural steel beams, DRO (Digital Readout), CNC parts, plasma technology and more. We are located in Melbourne and can deliver our goods and services to you all over Australia.

We are enthusiastic mechatronic engineers. We design, develop and build all sort of machinery. We are aimed to be one of the online department that supply critical component to hobbyist and industrial customers within Australia. We can give you administrations and counsel when you shop with us.

Why NCMaster Industries?
Over a decade of experiences in the field of Mechatronic such as:
CAM: G-Code scripting/generation from CAD, CNC development from scratch, 3 to 5 axis CAM programming.
CAD: 2D & 3D Model designing, sketch, sample to CAD, and 3D Simulation.
Programming: VB, CSharp, C, Website development with CMS,PHP, and Visual Studio along with Relational Database Management
Electronics: Atmel 8 bits, 32 bits, and PLC Allen Bradley software.
Manufacturing: Welding, Folding, 3D Printer and have many access to manufacturing processing to get the job done.

Most importantly, if you look at our products it is a complete working system that we've research and used.

For example, there are about 30 different kinds of motors out there but we only selected a couple for each NEMA 17, 23, and 34.

There are many different kinds of breakout boards but only one is used for parallel, one for serial and one for standalone are for selling.

By doing this customers won't get confused and waste time trying to work out what is best to use, etc.

By shopping with us customer gets this advantage even though it may not be apparent to them.

People have projects to make so we try to stock reliable, affordable with reasonable quality products for the general consumer because we know that with money, you can buy almost all the best things in the world, but the truth is, not everyone has money :). We are aiming to have more buying power thereby reducing part cost.

As you can see, all the above-mentioned have been executed onto manufacturing parts, that we have created and the manner in which our site is coded, and so on. We gave the majority of our opportunity to computerize tasks. We expected to work less yet profoundly productive. We despise doing things twice since we are human and not robots!.

Our Business Motto:

"Moving forward by keeping it real."

We sell a wide scope of products in our online store – We are committed to the stuff we sell since we use it day by day. In this way, you can make certain they are dependable.We attempt to keep our value low, as we generally source our items straightforwardly from local people and makers around the globe.

Additionally, we always sell our products on the Internet to eliminate expensive retail overheads. There are no middlemen, with the minimum overheads, and these enable us to pass all the savings to you.

As an online department store,  Our staff team is fully dedicated and is very passionate to help you with your needs. You can contact us (on the CONTACT US page), we would love to hear from you.