MOD 1.5 - 1000mm Rack System

New MOD 1.5  - 1000mm Rack System

MOD 1.5 - 1000mm Rack System 

The material is C45 similar to CK1045, K1045, etc -  it is heat treatment material suitable for tooling application etc. 
The pinion is sold separately.

Improvement: The rack is blackened to add resistance to rust.
                        Various threaded holes at intervals also added.

Rack Range:
MODULUS 1.0 (15mm X 15mm) - 1000mm
MODULUS 1.0 (15mm X 15mm) - 1500mm
MODULUS 1.0 (15mm X 15mm) - 2000mm
MODULUS 1.0 (15mm X 15mm) - 3000mm
This rail suit the Mod 1.0 Pinions that we have listed.

MODULUS 1.5 (17mm X 17mm) - 1000mm
MODULUS 1.5 (17mm X 17mm) - 1500mm
MODULUS 1.5 (17mm X 17mm) - 2000mm
MODULUS 1.5 (17mm X 17mm) - 3000mm
This rail suit the Mod 1.5 Pinions that we have listed.

Note: The 1000mm and 2000mm rack are not standard stock therefore, it will be cut in using a cold saw and is spray painted matt black where it is cut.

This Package included the following:
1x MOD 1.5 - 1000mm Rack System

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